Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Changing Face of Media

One of the most fascinating and exciting parts of being a potential PR graduate is the opportunity to use various new mediums of media in campaigns. The changing face of media opens an exciting world of prospect for PR agencies.

With the media landscape changing at a rapid rate, it is essential that mainstream media companies adapt to this change and provide various services for the public. It is with this current change in media, PR consultants should be using this to their advantage to reach their clients.

Internet usage amongst younger audiences is at an all time high, this is reducing the readership amongst newspapers. As mentioned in one of my earlier rants, the advent of My Space and Face Book allows PR consultants the opportunity to target this particular audience. I have just read how politicians are now using My Space to attract votes for this coming federal election.

A couple of the most interesting and important functions of new media from a PR point of view is its instantaneity to the public, the fact that it is global and available perpetually. With the arrival of this technology, PR campaigns can be launched globally almost at an instant.Although more traditional media are still an active and required source amongst PR campaigns, they will gradually be overtaken by these forms of new media as the tool of choice and therefore should be embraced.

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