Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Networking Advantages for PR Grads

One of the most important things recent or upcoming PR graduates should get involved in is networking. Networking gives the opportunity to:
  • Exchange information
  • Development of reliable and professional contacts to assist with obtaining advice and support and
  • Create business opportunity

Due to the times we currently live in, PR grads have some excellent tools to help them market themselves, or their company to other PR consultants and even more importantly, clients. The opportunity that various mediums of new media can provide is quite outstanding. Normally networking was left to functions where like-minded people exchanged business cards over a luncheon and some chardonnay. Today, computers, iPods and various Internet tools push the boundaries of networking to another level. But what are some of these new tools and how can they be effective in self-promotion of PR grads?

  • Blogs: The Internet can provide valuable information to society in general about a person. Blogs are an easy and effective way to not only get a particular message ‘out there’ but also offers the opportunity for PR grads to practice their writing skills and critical thinking – something which I have touched on within my Work Placement spiel. As this is my first attempt at a blog, I can safely say that it has indeed had me thinking about certain issues within PR and what my particular beliefs or thoughts on these may be. Technorati, an internet search tool for blogs, has indexed over 75 million blogs worldwide. Now that is one hell of an audience!
    Of course, you can beyond the menial world of a ‘normal’ blog (c’mon, mine isn’t that bad!) and integrate various different technological advancements in to your blog.
  • Podcast: A podcast is a digital media file, or a series of such files, that are distributed over the Internet using feeds for playback on portable media players, such as iPods and personal computers. People can "subscribe" to your podcast and get all your latest views on certain issues. Certain podcasts however, can be broadcasted live and can be interactive, thus allowing other podcasters the opportunity to communicate live and direct.
  • Networking Websites: Networking websites such as MySpace, FaceBook and, amongst others are valuable mediums to promote yourself as an employable PR consultant. Although mainly used for social aspects, websites such as the ones mentioned, allow graduates the opportunity to show various skills and ideals relevant to the PR industry to perspective employers. Of course there are downsides to such networking websites, such as explained here:

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